PT Works AB is a company whose sole task is to own, manage and develop the time accounting and business system Projecttime.

A career of time reporting and consulting gave birth to the web-based time reporting system Projecttime as early as 1999. It was developed in a web agency environment where time reporting was of course as important as in other consulting businesses. This was at a time when time reporting was handled on paper or at best in Excel!

The focus was on the fact that it must be simple and logical to report your time. Time is a consultant's source of income and very important. No hours may be forgotten or for any other reason not reported.

Projecttime was developed in the early 2000s and really became this flexible and simple tool that also got tools to invoice the time and keep track of customers and assignments.

When the web agency was discontinuead, however, Projecttime continued to live, albeit a little neglected and without the care it deserved. But after many years of experience other similar systems which did not have the flexibility and simple logic at all - which is so important - it was decided that Projecttime was well worth a continued life.

In recent years, development and modernization work has been underway, which has taken Projecttime to new heights but still retained the simplicity and logic of the first thought in the system.
Projecttime is still a web-based system that can be used with any browser and it is also an App for both iOS and Android, where the same simplicity characterizes the web application.

With the company PT Works AB as principal, Projekttid now has a safe and stable foundation to stand on with the aim set for the coming decades...

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