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Project time is a time management system with a focus on the core, the time reporting. Time is what consultants sell and time should be simple, logical and quick to report.

But time reporting is built around your customers and your task management and of course you are invoicing with the system. This gives a very good control of the outflow and inflow of the consulting business which make the system a business system for the consultant. The new electronic invoicing by PEPPOL Biz is supported of course, and exports to accounting systems.

Project time works just as well on your computer as on your mobile or tablet, and is available both as an iOS app and as an Android app.

We have had the chance of testing many of the market's large time reporting systems, which are without exception clumsy with poor interfaces to the user, which convinced us to invest in developing and modernizing Projecttime. And now there is no system on the market that matches Projecttime in easy use and logic.

It is especially suitable for consultants and others who sell their time. Optimal for small and medium-sized consultants.

Read more about Projecttime or start a three month free trial of Projecttime, with no obligations.