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DogDays App

In the app DogDays, the method of estimating a dog's age in comparison to human years has been further developed and refined. The app is available both as a free app and as a paid app.

Behind the calculation logic in DogDays lies the experience of all the old ways of counting as well as consideration of the estimated lifespan of each dog, compared to the average lifespan of humans! As well as the fact that all dogs, regardless of breed, reach human puberty in their first year of life. You will find that the estimates feel very reasonable.

App languages is in English (US and UK), Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian, Deutsch, Ukrainisch and Chineese.

And the free version called "DogDays Basic" you can try out the functions, but you can save your dog. In "DogDays Premium" you can save unlimited number of dogs to quickly become updated about your dog's age in human age.

DogDays Premium

DogDays Basic